how to cancel GamStop self-exclusion?

Would you like to find ways to cancel GamStop and gamble again? The only way to remove the GamStop self-exclusion is to contact GamStop support centre and make an official request to deactivate GamStop block. This process will include a 24-hours cooling-off period and then you will be able to gamble again. Sometimes to stop GamStop it may take a little bit more time as casino operators need to check that your self-exclusion is over.

In case your GamStop self-exclusion subscription hasn’t finished yet, you are not able to reverse GamStop anyway. It’s against the Terms and Conditions of this British tool. However, for this type of players, there are ways to get around GamStop to play casino games or bet on sports again. Our article at will cover all pros and cons of removing the Gamstop scheme. Also, our team would like to specify the most popular ways to cancel GamStop:

  1. Use casinos outside of GamStop scheme
  2. Wait till self-exclusion period is over
  3. Gamble at no verification casinos
  4. Play demo games
  5. Ask another person to register an account for you

Casinos Where You Can Play Without Gamstop Cancellation

  • All Sites are:
  • 🥇 Licensed
  • 🧪 Tested
  • 🔒 Safe
  • 💸 Quick Payouts
  • 👨‍⚖️ Ad Disclosure
RankLogoCasino SiteBonus FeaturesSecure Link
1Spin My Win CasinoSpin My Win Casino
  • Only 1x Wager
  • €40-50 Min. Deposit
  • Not Affected by GamStop
2Milky Wins CasinoMilky Wins Casino
  • 10 FS on 1st Top Up
  • €40-50 Min. Deposit
  • Outside GamStop
3CasiGood CasinoCasiGood Casino
  • 200% for New Users
  • €40-50 Min. Deposit
  • Non-GamStop Operator
4Orion Spins Casino Orion Spins Casino
  • 10 FS on 1st Deposit
  • €50 to Trigger Bonus
  • Not Inside GamStop
5Fancy Reels Casino Fancy Reels Casino
  • 175% Bonus Offer
  • €40 to Get Bonus
  • Without GamStop
6Chilli Reels CasinoChilli Reels Casino
  • 10 FS + 10%
  • €40-50 Min. Deposit
  • Top Customer Support
7Casiroom CasinoCasiroom Casino
  • 10 Extra Spins
  • €40-50 Min. Deposit
  • Latest Website!
8Casper Spins CasinoCasper Spins Casino
  • 10% + 10 FS
  • €40-50 Min. Deposit
  • 1x Wagering Only
9Kaboom Slots CasinoKaboom Slots Casino
  • 175% + Free Spins
  • €40-50 Min. Deposit
  • Not Using GamStop
10Tropic Slots CasinoTropic Slots Casino
  • 150% for New Users
  • €40-50 Min. Deposit
  • Not Linked to GamStop
11MyStake CasinoMyStake Casino
  • 150% Up to €200
  • Top Non GamStop Games
  • €20 Min. Deposit
12Very Well CasinoVery Well Casino
  • Not on GamStop
  • Up to 150% Bonus
  • €40 Min. Deposit
13Agent NoWager CasinoAgent No Wager Casino
  • 1x Wagering
  • Without GamStop
  • €50 Min. Deposit
14Captain Marlin CasinoCaptain Marlin Casino
  • 200% Welcome Bonus
  • No GamStop
  • €50 Min. Deposit
15Rolletto CasinoRolletto Casino
  • 75% Up to €1000
  • €10 Min. Deposit
  • Non GamStop Casino
16Fortune Clock CasinoFortune Clock Casino
  • 225% + 225 FS
  • GamStop-Free Casino
  • €40 Min. Deposit
17Slots Charm CasinoSlots Charm Casino
  • 175% Promo
  • Not with GamStop Ban
  • €50 Min. Deposit
18Pyramid Spins CasinoPyramid Spins Casino
  • 175% on Sign Up
  • Not Affected by GamStop
  • €40 Min. Deposit
19Magic Reels CasinoMagic Reels Casino
  • 575% Package
  • €50 Min. Deposit
  • Non-Gamstop Site
20Crazy Star CasinoCrazy Star Casino
  • 500% Bonus
  • €40 Min. Deposit
  • Removed GamStop
21Prestige Spin CasinoPrestige Spin Casino
  • 200% Sign Up Bonus
  • Not With Gamstop
  • Deposit €50 Get €150
22jackpot charm casino ukJackpot Charm Casino
  • Up to 150% Bonus
  • Not Linked to GamStop
  • €40 Min. Deposit
23Win Diggers CasinoWin Diggers Casino
  • 475% Welcome Pack
  • Not Covered by Gamstop
  • €50 Min. Deposit
24Nevada 777 CasinoNevada 777 Casino
  • 300% + 50 FS
  • For GamStop Players
  • Slot Games Only
25Admiral Shark Casino Admiral Shark Casino
  • 450% on Sign Up
  • Not Under UKGC
  • €40 Min. Deposit
26Slotstoto CasinoSlotstoto Casino
  • 200% Bonus
  • €20 Min. Deposit
  • Not Covered by GamStop
27Triumph CasinoTriumph Casino
  • "Win iPhone" Promo
  • 375% Offer
  • Deposit €40 Get Bonus
28vegas wild casino ukVegas Wild Casino
  • 300% on 1st Deposit
  • GamStop Exempt Site
  • Fast Payments
29WG CasinoWG Casino
  • 200% on Registration
  • Without Gamstop
  • Newest Slots
3024 Casino Bet24 Casino Bet
  • 400% on 1st Deposit
  • Doesn't Use GamStop
  • €20 Min. Deposit
31Fruity Chance CasinoFruity Chance Casino
  • Up to 600% Bonus
  • Without Gamstop
  • €40 Min. Deposit
32Mr Sloty CasinoMr Sloty Casino
  • 400% Up to €2000
  • Not Covered by Gamstop
  • For UK Players
33Libra Spins CasinoLibra Spins Casino
  • 150% Gambling Offer
  • For GamStop Members
  • €40-50 Min. Deposit
34God Odds CasinoGod Odds Casino
  • MasterCard Only
  • $10 Min. Deposit
  • Never Joined GamStop
35Mister X CasinoMister X Casino
  • 450% Pack
  • No GamStop Exclusion
  • €50 Min. Deposit
36Hustles CasinoHustles Casino
  • 100% Up to $1000
  • MasterCard Only
  • $10 Min. Deposit
37Maximum CasinoMaximum Casino
  • 200% on Registration
  • €50 Min. Deposit
  • Not on Gamstop
38Rich King CasinoRich King Casino
  • 200% on 1st Payment
  • £10 Min. Deposit
  • Not Blocked by GamStop
39Lucky 31 CasinoLucky 31 Casino
  • €20 Min. Deposit
  • 100% Bonus
  • No UK Self-Exclusion
40this is vegas casino ukThis is Vegas Casino
  • Daily Free Spins
  • $25 Min. Deposit
  • American Games
414 Crowns Casino 4 Crowns Casino
  • Back to UK Market
  • 400% on Slots
  • Doesn't Use GamStop
42Billion Vegas CasinoBillion Vegas Casino
  • 150% up to £500
  • GamStop Exempt Casino
  • £20 Min. Deposit
43Royal Oak CasinoRoyal Oak Casino
  • 100% Up to £1000
  • Doesn't Use GamStop
  • £25 Min. Deposit
44Slots'N Bets CasinoSlots'N Bets Casino
  • 800% Up to £3000
  • £25 Min. Deposit
  • Non GamStop Casino
45Harry's CasinoHarry's Casino
  • 650% Up to £5000
  • Gamstop-Free Site
  • £25 Min. Deposit
46Lady Linda CasinoLady Linda Casino
  • 300% Up to £1000
  • £25 Min. Deposit
  • Takes Crypto Deposits
47Anonym Bet CasinoAnonym Bet Casino
  • €25 Min. Deposit
  • Up to 250% Bonus
  • Not Under GamStop
48The Red Lion CasinoThe Red Lion Casino
  • Up to 750% Bonus
  • £25 Min. Deposit
  • Outside GamStop
49betnow ukBetNow
  • EU Bookmaker
  • 100% on Sign Up
  • Min. $50 Deposit
50Playzax CasinoPlayzax Casino
  • Non-GamStop Providers
  • VIP Club
  • Deposit €20 Get €80
51Rich Prize CasinoRich Prize Casino
  • £30 Min. Deposit
  • 3% Transaction Fees
  • 200% on £1000

GamStop Reversal: General Information

🔹 Self-Exclusion GamStop
🔹 Removal Time 6 months, 1 year or 5 years
🔹 Way to Cancel Contact customer support
🔹 Way to Skip Reversal Join non-GamStop sites

GamStop is undoubtedly a useful tool for problem gamblers. Yet, the fact that you can remove it only after the self-exclusion period may be problematic for casual players. Luckily, there are ways to reverse GamStop, and that action comes with both pros and cons. In the section below, we’ll go over the benefits and drawbacks of removing GamStop.

Benefits of GamStop Removal

benefits of GamStop removal

There are several advantages of deciding to stop GamStop. Most of them are related to your ability to access gambling sites and gamble for real money again. Below, we listed the most important ones.

  • Ability to play for money again: When you activate this self-restriction tool, you can’t gamble for money and, therefore, you can’t win actual cash. That’s why so many British gamblers these days choose to get out of GamStop and enjoy the thrill of cash gambling.
  • Possibility of earning some cash: When Lady Luck is on your side, playing casino games gives you the possibility of winning some record-breaking amounts of cash. That’s one of the main reasons to undo GamStop and enjoy real money fun at our recommended casinos.
  • Way to relax at home: If you end GamStop, you can go back to playing your favourite online casino games. This is the perfect way to relax at home and have some fun without the hassle of going out.

Drawbacks of GamStop Cancellation

drawbacks of GamStop cancellation

While the idea to get out of GamStop sounds attractive, it’s not the right step for everyone. Unfortunately, this move comes with some serious drawbacks, and you mustn’t underestimate them if you want to avoid trouble.

  • You can make your addiction worse: To come off GamStop is never a good idea for players with gambling issues. Having access to online casinos can make the addiction worse as there’s nothing to stop them from gambling again.
  • Possible debts and money losses: When a player decides to unregister from a GamStop account, real money gambling becomes an option again. For problem gamblers, the step can generate debt and money losses if they start chasing playing losses.
  • Need more efforts to stop again: Removing GamStop blocker gives you access to lots of excellent iGaming destinations. The consequence of that is needing extra effort to stop gambling again. This is dangerous to problem gamblers, of course.
  • Fatigue and lack of happiness: One of the dangers of those who will decide to unblock GamStop is the emotional risk. Excessive gambling, especially for those who can’t control it, often leads to fatigue and lack of happiness.

How to Stop GamStop Exclusion: FAQs

🤔 Can I cancel GamStop self-exclusion?

It depends whether your self-exclusion period is over. It your blocking time is not ended, you can’t remove GamStop block. Once you activate GamStop, the tool will prevent you from accessing gambling and betting sites. One way to avoid this restriction is to play at online casinos outside the network. Otherwise, you will have to wait for the self-exclusion period to expire.

🤔 How To Cancel GamStop block?

The only way to stop GamStop self-exclusion period is to contact GamStop representatives via phone and ask to cancel your block. This process will be a subject of a 24-hours cooling-off period. After that time you will be able to gamble again. Sometimes it may take a little bit more of time to notify all the UKGC operators that your GamStop self-exclusion is ended.

🤔 How to remove myself from GamStop before exclusion period is ended?

There is no way to do this. You first must wait for your self-exclusion to expire. GamStop won’t deactivate it until you contact the network’s contact center. You must reach the support agent by phone to request deactivation. Afterwards, there will be an additional 24-hour cooling-off period, which will automatically expire once the period is over.

🤔 How can I reactivate online gambling if I’m GamStop member?

GamStop members with an active self-restriction in place won’t be able to gamble at UKGC casinos. Your two options are to wait for the period to expire or to find non GamStop casino sites. We have some quality options listed on this page where you can play outside GamStop’s reach.

🤔 Is it safe to use ways around GamStop cancellation?

It depends on whether you have a gambling problem or not. Players who wanted a short break from playing and then cannot play shouldn’t worry about anything. UK players who have a history of problem gambling put themselves at risk by finding ways around the GamStop network.