Gamstop (National Scheme)

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Gamstop is the ultimate free gambling blocking software for UK players. Gamstop will self-exclude from all regulated casinos if you sign up for the program willingly. In short, it is a one-stop solution that applies to any UK licensed gambling site. And it is also valid for online gambling platforms that you haven’t signed for yet.

Every brand new independent casino should follow the rules of this scheme. Many popular casinos are part of the comprehensive UK casino mechanism. This is because their primary concern is always the well-being of the players. Unregistered gambling sites should also act responsibly and allow punters to self-exclude.

Gamstop offers online support and provides free advice to any user. But, this is not an automatic service and requires your action, too. In a word, it’s an excellent first step if you wish to quit or diminish your gambling activities. And if you’re not sure whether this is the right thing for you, worry not. Read our hints below, and we’ll guide you through the process.

This article covers the following points of interest:
  • Operation procedure of Gamstop;
  • Benefits and downsides of Gamstop;
  • Alternatives to the service for international players + FAQs.

How does Gamstop Work?

Gamstop functions in a simple way and every punter has access to it. Players should apply for the program and then wait for the operators to approve them. After the approval, they choose the period for which the gambling ban will be imposed. Only online casinos not on Gamstop do not offer this possibility. Such casinos will not inhibit or deter players from online gambling.

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Pros of Gamstop

For some passionate players, Gamstop might be an excellent idea. Above all, it is a voluntary scheme targeted at self-exclusion from online casinos licensed within the UK. With the service, you receive real-time support in tough times. If you combine the program with your steadfast dedication to curbing your gambling habits, the entire process can become worthwhile. Plus, Gamstop is unforgivable towards irresponsible operators.

  • Gamstop is a free national network. It targets people who would like to self-exclude themselves from playing at online casinos for a specified period. Being free of charge, any person with access to online gambling platforms can impose a ban on participating in such activities. Plus, it’s a non-profit organization.
  • Available at all British operators. On the positive note, Gamstop is offered at any British casino operator registered with the scheme. And its operations are always on the rise. Gamstop has been expanding its network as of late. It is also available at Gibraltar and no verification casinos powered by Pay N’ Play technology.
  • Live chat.

    The great news is that you can start with the assistance right away. The live chat allows players to communicate with the support team in real-time. The helpdesk operates from 8:00 am to midnight, seven days a week. You can also contact Gamstop via email or phone.

Cons of Gamstop

With Gamstop, you have a single tool that restricts online gambling habits. But it may not be efficient in some instances. It takes perseverance and a strong will to change your ways. There is no way the network can help gamblers if they don’t apply for the program themselves. Plus, there are some other drawbacks of Gamstop you should have in mind.

  • Not available at offshore operators. For the time being, Gamstop is not available at offshore operators. Meaning any non-UK online casino doesn’t offer Gamstop services. So, UK residents that opted in for Gamstop can play at online casinos abroad freely. In this case, gambling activities cannot be traced, and the solution becomes ineffective.
  • Players may have issues with gambling after the self-exclusion time. Online casinos can blacklist players that once have participated in the scheme. This can restrict your access to a range of top-class destination. There’s been lots of noise about this issue, but nothing’s changed. So, if you use Gamstop, you may lose access to the best UK online casinos. So only betting sites not registered with Gamstop will be available for you!

Gamstop Alternatives for International Players

Players from countries other than the UK have various self-exclusion platforms at their disposal. Some of the schemes are too strict and monitor gambling activities in detail. Contrarywise, other countries haven’t come to the point of controlling and restricting the practices of online casinos yet. The examples below list several trusted and reliable casino regulating authorities introduced worldwide.

  • SpelPaus (Sweden) The Swedish self-exclusion apparatus SpelPaus is present all over the country. It tackles gambling abuse and helps players refrain from gambling. Plus, they assist in avoiding direct marketing from gambling operators. An online casino without SpelPaus is impossible to find among Swedish operators.
  • ROFUS (Denmark) ROFUS is the Denmark-based Gambling Authority that registers self-excluded players. The registration is voluntary and personal. As ROFUS covers all online and land-based gambling activities, non ROFUS gambling sites are non-existent in the country. Hence, if you’re looking for an excellent Gamstop alternative, look across the country’s borders.
  • Internal Casino Tools (International) Many countries have introduced their own internal casino tools to flatten the curve of gambling overuse. Some worldwide and European casinos have gone to greater extents. They impose an overall control of gambling activities. These features include self-restriction tools included within the iGaming platforms.

Gamstop UK FAQs

What is Gamstop scheme?

Gamstop is a UK-based mechanism that allows players to control their online gambling practices. It’s free for residents of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland. Players must sign-up with their details for the service first. After being approved, they can select the duration of their self-exclusion.

Is it possible to get off it?

Many gamblers register with the platform and then try to get around the self-exclusion scheme. The truth is that once you sign-up, there’s no going back. So, consider that you have no chance to play at a casino within the Gamstop scheme. What you can do is seek casino providers not registered with Gamstop. Sometimes, you’ll have to look for casinos beyond the UK. Another plausible option is to insert your spouse’s or your friend’s personal details, which we never recommend.

How long does it last?

Players can choose the period of self-exclusion. It cannot last less than six months, while the other self-exclusion periods are one and five years. After the exclusion period ends, you will have to request the removal of the ban as it doesn’t expire automatically. Once you register, you won’t have access to any of your casino accounts except Curaçao ones. Online gambling sites will also exclude you from their marketing database.

Does Gamstop affect my credit rating?

Only gambling with credit card online casino can influence your credit rating. Otherwise, Gamstop cannot affect your credit score. So, if you borrow money to gamble or apply for a mortgage, this can be detrimental to your credit report. Instead, you can use the Google Pay option. Or use other e-wallets not linked to your bank cards.